DIN EN ISO 105-B06:2020 高溫下人造光老化和色牢度.氙弧燈照射褪色測試

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DIN EN ISO 105-B06:2020簡介

DIN EN ISO 105-B06:2020簡稱ISO 105-B06。


英文名稱:Textiles - Tests for colour fastness - Part B06: Colour fastness and ageing to artificial light at high temperatures: Xenon arc fading lamp test (ISO 105-B06:2020); German version EN ISO 105-B06:2020。

DIN EN ISO 105-B06:2020

DIN EN ISO 105-B06:2020適用范圍

ISO 105-B06:2020規定了在代表自然日光(D65)的人工光源(D65)作用下,同時在熱作用下測定各種染色和印刷紡織品和/或其他有機基材的色牢度和老化性能的方法。在規定的五組不同曝光條件中(見7.1.1),四組使用D65,另一組使用的截止波長略低。該試驗方法特別考慮了汽車內部發生的光和熱條件。


ISO 105-B06:2020 specifies a method for determining the colour fastness and ageing properties of all kinds and forms of dyed and printed textiles and/or other organic substrates under the action of an artificial light source representative of natural daylight (D65), and under the simultaneous action of heat. Of the five different sets of exposure conditions specified (see 7.1.1), four use D65, and the other one uses a somewhat lower cut-off wavelength. The test method gives special consideration to the light and heat conditions that occur in the interior of a motor vehicle.

The five different sets of conditions using the different optical filter systems specified can produce different test results. Results from tests performed using different apparatus (instrument types) for the same set of conditions and optical filter system are not comparable because comparable performance has not been validated

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